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Geocaching is like a high-technology scavenger hunt. Its popularity has increased immensely.

If you have any questions, please contact Ausable Bayfield Conservation staff members at 519-235-2610, or toll-free 1-888-286-2610 or by e-mail info(at) or through our Staff Contacts Page.

Geocaching is a worldwide outdoor treasure hunting game using devices enabled with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) capability. The game is played by someone hiding a ‘cache’ and then publishing the coordinates of the hiding place online.

Please visit the: Geocaching External Website.

At this point, anyone with a handheld GPS device can download the coordinates and go hunt for the cache. The cache is usually a waterproof container with a log book to sign as well as trade items. Find the full set of game rules and guidelines at

Geocaching activities are permitted on Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority properties provided that they comply fully with the Conservation Authorities Act and ABCA policies.

Geocache Placement
  • The cache must be placed near or on an already established trail. Caches placed off trails can result in new trails being created which damage plants. The ABCA may remove caches placed off the trail.
  • Before a geocache is hidden, the ABCA must be consulted to ensure that impacts are minimized and that cachers have a safe, enjoyable and educational experience.
Geocache Containers and Contents
  • The container must be made of inert material to ensure the object will not retain any odours or become attractive to wildlife (previously-used food containers are not acceptable).
  • The contents of the container must be family-friendly and environmentally-friendly. Unacceptable items include; batteries, food, alcohol, drugs, lighters, etc.
Geocache Approval and Maintenance
  • Approval from Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) is required before a cache is placed and should include full details of the cache including cache ID, location description and contents list.
  • The cache should be monitored and maintained by the cache owner. If there is any noticeable impact to the area, the cache owner must notify ABCA staff.
  • ABCA will periodically assess the sites and any necessary changes will be the responsibility of the cache owner.
  • ABCA reserves the right to remove caches and/or cache contents at any time if they are not in compliance with the policies or for any other reason (e.g. environmental impacts or visitor safety concerns).

ABCA encourages participants to Cache In – Trash Out. With your help, we can protect our conservation lands and promote a healthier environment.

Please contact ABCA before placing a new cache.

This information is subject to change.