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Social Media Policy

The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Board of Directors approved, in 2020, a Social Media Policy.

Why social media is important

When 34 community members met regularly for more than a year to develop a Conservation Strategy for Ausable Bayfield watersheds – they told us social media was one of many tools we should use to reach out to our partners in conservation - to share information and to listen. 

Since that time there has been some great two-way dialogue on our social media channels.

Social media reach of more than 6,200
  • Thanks to you, we have reached almost 3,000 followers for our Facebook/Meta page.
  • We have almost 1,400 follows for our Twitter/X feed.
  • Ausable Bayfield Conservation has 860 followers on Instagram.
  • Our our new company profile on LinkedIn has almost 270 followers and our LinkedIn posts are shared with almost 500 connections by our communications specialist.
  • Our YouTube channel has more than 230 subscribers. Subscribe today to our YouTube channel!

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The combined reach of our social media platforms (Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram; and YouTube) means that our combined social media reach is more than 6,200.

Each time we post on social media, the post reaches more than 5,700 people, not counting YouTube.

When you share these posts on your social media, the reach is even greater.

We have almost 270 subscribers to our free e-newsletter. (Subscribe today!)

Social media is just one way we can talk to each other, of course. There’s no replacement for the discussions we’ve had in person at public events or kitchen-table meetings or in the community or on the phone ... those are still our best ways to keep in touch. Still, social media is a great way to get information to you quickly and in an effective and cost-effective way. It’s only one tool in the tool box but it’s a good one.

Of course, sometimes issues are complex and social media (or emails, for that matter) aren’t always the best way to ask questions, get answers, or share concerns or feedback. In those cases we certainly invite you to call us or make an appointment to come and speak with us.

If there are other, better ways for us to keep in touch ... let us know. We want to nurture dialogue with you because it’s only in partnership that we can protect water, soil, and living things in our watershed communities.

Thanks for having followed out social media channels. This helps us to connect with you and inform you of some of the important work that is being done, and needs to be done, in your watershed communities.

Thank you for all you do to protect water, soil, and living things in your watershed community.

Healthy Lake Huron Social Media Channels

Here are social media links for the Healthy Lake Huron - Clean Water, Clean Beaches Partnership: