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Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority


This is a 300 kb (medium-sized) PDF file of a letter-page-sized map of Bannockburn Conservation Area. (Posted/Updated: 10/06/2014)
This is a 4 MB (very large) PDF file of the draft hazard mapping for Appendix C of the Draft Shoreline Management Plan Update Consultants' Recommendation Report for review between September 1 and December 1, 2016. (Posted/Updated: 09/01/2016)
This is a 400-kb (medium-sized) PDF file of a map of Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority lands, showing where hunting is prohibited and where it is permitted on designated properties when the hunter has been approved for a Conservation Pass. (Posted/Updated: 07/14/2015)
This is a large, 800 kb sized PDF file of a map showing Early Response projects completed with financial incentive support from the Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program (ODWSP) in the Ausable Bayfield and Maitland Valley source protection areas. (Posted/Updated: 03/03/2014)
This is a 300 kb (medium-sized) file of the Mystery Falls Management Area Trail. (Posted/Updated: 05/16/2016)
This is a 500 kb (large) PDF file of a map of Ausable Bayfield Conservation watersheds with watershed schools highlighted. (Posted/Updated: 08/16/2016)
This is a 400 kb (large) PDF file of the orienteering at the Sylvan Conservation Program at Camp Sylvan. (Posted/Updated: 01/28/2014)