Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

Fact sheets

This is a 1 mb (large) file of a fact sheet about controlling invasive Phragmites australis (European Common Reed) in agricultural and rural areas. (Posted/Updated: 08/18/2015)
Fact sheet on Geocaching policies for Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) properties. (Posted/Updated: 08/07/2013)
This download is 500 kb (large) size PDF file - a two-page, colour fact sheet about the invasive Giant Hogweed plant. (Posted/Updated: 06/28/2013)
(Posted/Updated: 04/30/2010)
This is a 1 MB (large) PDF file of a six-page, letter-page-size print version of the Shoreline Slope Stability Risks and Hazards Fact Sheet for Property Owners. (Posted/Updated: 08/26/2016)
What to do if you find an injured turtle: This is a 200 kb (medium-sized) PDF file of a fact sheet about what to do if you find an injured turtle. The information here is provisional, for local information purposes, and subject to change. (Posted/Updated: 05/26/2015)
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