Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

Water Level Monitoring

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The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) maintains and operates a network of water level and climate stations throughout the watershed to be able to predict watershed response to precipitation and snow melt events and forecast stream flows and water levels which may affect watershed residents.

Watershed monitoring includes water level stations, precipitation gauges and some meteorological monitoring which can be accessed in real time. During the winter months snow accumulations and ice depths are monitored in major rivers.

The network is used to determine if water levels will create flooding problems. The network also allows long-term monitoring of water supply conditions during low flow periods.

Because of changing weather patterns, we are experiencing extended periods of low rainfall and high temperatures. Indications are that low water levels may become more common. Therefore, the provincial government has prepared the Ontario Low Water Response Plan intending to ensure provincial preparedness, to assist in coordination and to support local response in the event of drought conditions.

Conservation authorities have become the lead agency in establishing a watershed-based Water Response Team.

Visit for further resources on the Ontario low water response program or the Ausable Bayfield Conservation website at and view the dynamic low-water advisory tool, on the home page, which alerts people to low-water advisories in effect in the watershed. 

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