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Spirit Trail Super-Natural Hike

Spirit Trail Super-Natural Hike
Spirit Trail Super-Natural Hike

Spirit Trail Super-Natural Hike a chance to find out about protecting nature; local history

The Friends of the South Huron Trail, a volunteer community group, held an annual walk with the pioneers called The Spirit Trail Super-Natural Hike between 2010 and 2013.

This special event is no longer taking place but a volunteer group might consider this as a fun and engaging way for people to experience the trail.

The intrepid ghosts of Huron County's past, and the fearless volunteers of The Friends of the South Huron Trail took part in the Spirit Trail Super-Natural Hike.

This spooky hike featured characters from local history, offered nature message

The spooky nature hike with a local history twist first took place in 2010 and more than 100 local people and visitors to the area enjoyed the hike since then.

The volunteer community group Friends of the South Huron Trail organized the event and, when the weather cooperated, it was a huge success.

The free moonlit hike started at MacNaughton Park, Exeter and looped back, via Stirling Bridge, to MacNaughton Park. Hikers were asked to meet at MacNaughton Park Pavilion. Children were to be supervised.

The hike was a little too spooky for the youngest children and all children needed to be supervised by an adult but, otherwise, The Spirit Trail was a great event for families. The hike took an hour or more and walking and standing was required at times. Participants were encouraged to dress for the weather and bring flashlights.

The early-evening walk featured a family-friendly hike where ancestors from local history delivered a conservation message.

Interested volunteers were invited to help as hike leaders, or with organization, registration, publicity, set-up, script development, parking assistance, and other jobs to help the spirits come alive.

Thanks go to all of the volunteers who made this event so special during its four successful years.


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