Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

Species at Risk Education Programs

Imagine facing pollution, poachers, habitat loss and competing with introduced species. Students can learn about local species at risk, and the struggles they face, first-hand.

Every autumn, Ausable Bayfield Conservation, through ABCA's conservation education department, in partnership with the Government of Canada's Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk, delivered through the Department of the Environment, and the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Foundation, offers free Species-at-Risk programs for schools located within  Ausable Watersheds. ABCA staff will visit your school or meet at a local conservation area.  Busing rebates are available to travel to either Rock Glen or Morrison Dam Conservation Areas.

Phone 519-235-2610 or toll-free 1-888-286-2610 for information or click on the 'Contact' button at top of page for contact form and staff contacts page.

Creating Awareness to Encourage Local Action

Many area residents do not know that there are endangered or threatened species in their local river. By providing watershed residents with more information about Species at Risk (SAR) through various education programs and brochures, watershed residents and local students will gain a greater appreciation for their watershed and what lives within it.

It is hoped that with this increased knowledge, watershed residents will strive to be better stewards of the land and water and prevent the decline of species at risk.

To see how local residents have taken steps to improve the habitat for Ausable River SAR visit the Friends of the Old Ausable Channel at:

Species at Risk 2004 Calendar pdf

OAC Fish Factsheet pdf

Species at Risk PSA video






Ausable River Recovery Strategy Stewardship Flyer pdf




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