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Ridgeway Drain Project

Ridgeway Drain Project

Ridgeway Drain (Dashwood) Water Quality Improvement Project

A community advisory committee has been formed for the Ridgeway Drain (Dashwood) Water Quality Improvement Project.

A community-based watershed planning project was initiated in the Ridgeway (Kading) Drain watershed, which is a small ravine emptying into Lake Huron, just north of Grand Bend.

The Ridgeway Drain is one of four ravines that the Bluewater Shoreline Residents' Association (BSRA) monitors for water quality, in cooperation with the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority.

This ravine was identified by the BSRA as a priority area in which to conduct further studies, with the ultimate goal of creating a watershed planning process to improve water quality.

The main approach to improving water quality within the ravine, and at the lake, will be through the implementation of beneficial management practices (BMPs).

The BSRA, and The Rotary Club of Grand Bend, supported the completion of a background report for the Ridgeway Drain, which documented watershed features and water quality information.

An advisory committee made up of community representatives was formed in autumn, and continues to guide this process, which will also see the initiation of a more comprehensive water quality monitoring program in order to track project success.

For information on the Ridgeway Drain Water Quality Improvement Project click on 'Publications' tab at top of page, and then 'Reports,' or download backgrounder now by clicking this link. (2 mb, large file)

Click on Ridgeway Drain Water Quality Improvement Project Fact Sheet for more information on the project.


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