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Fees for Conservation Education Programs

Conservation Education Program Fees 

(Updated January 2018)

Ausable Bayfield Conservation offers a range of prices to suit most budgets.

All programs have a maximum participant number of 35 and minimum fee is for charging for at least 17 students.

An additional instructor can be available for an additional fee.

When accompanying a school group, 9 adults per class are included free of charge.  For any one class, 10 or more adults accompanying a class will be charged the student rate.

Discounts apply when booking multiple programs on the same day. All fees include HST.

Outdoor Programs

Half Day Program (2 hours)

$7.00/ student (Minimum fee $119.00)

Full Day Program (2 x 2 hour programs)

$12.00 / student (Minimum fee $204.00)

For more information on Outdoor Programs click here

In-School Programs

In-school programs are designed to use indoor space, but may also require the use of a gymnasium or outdoor space

Some outdoor programs can be adapted to your schoolyard.

Single Program (1.5 hours approx.)

$100.00 / class up to 35 students

Three Programs (3 x 1.5 hour programs delivered on the same day) 

$275.00 / day / staff

SHSM Soil or GPS Certification

$12 / program 

I.C.E Training Facilitation

$275 / day / staff

For more information on In-School Programs click here.

Community Programs

Private-sector Program (2 hours) –  $130.00

Non-Profit Group Program (1 hour in Exeter) –  $70.00

Non-Profit Group Program (2 hours) – $100.00

Guest Speaker  $100.00

For more information on Programs for Community Groups click here

Other Education Fees

Bluebird House or Bat Box Kit –  $12.00

Assembled Bluebird House or Bat Box –  $14.00

Snowshoe Rental per pair  $5.00 

Snowshoe Rental per set of 30  $85.00

Snowshoe Rentals and Program Information 

Conservation Education Program Policies 





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