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Bayfield North Watersheds Management Plan

Management Plan for Bayfield North Watersheds

Since 2007, residents of a 40-square-kilometre area, just north of Bayfield, have been active in developing and implementing a management plan for their watersheds.

A watershed management plan was created cooperatively by the community, the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority, and government agencies to manage water, land and water interactions, and aquatic resources within this area. That plan was unveiled in 2010.

The management plan provided information about the natural environment and community interests and issues to landowners north of Bayfield and to other local decision makers, as well as local agencies and government departments.

Bayfield North Watersheds Plan LaunchEach issue or interest was then addressed with a management goal and recommended actions.

An advisory committee was also active in hosting beach and gully cleanups, a stewardship guide workshop, an open house forum, a streambank restoration day, and a watershed bus tour.

Several tree planting and erosion control projects took place this year, and an EcoAction grant application was submitted to help support additional erosion control projects as well as wetland restoration projects.

These stewardship actions will help address one of the main recommendations of the plan which is to enhance the natural environment.

Bayfield North Watersheds Open HouseFor a copy of the Bayfield North Watersheds Management Plan draft click on 'Publications' and then 'Reports' or download plan now by pressing this link. (2 mb file - large).

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