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Here are just some of the ways Ausable Bayfield Conservation can create environmental awareness according to the Conservation Strategy developed by the community: 


  • People about safety around high water in the springtime
  • Landowners and watershed residents about planting of native trees, shrubs and grasses
  • Young people through programs such as the Sylvan Conservation Program


  • Positive actions that are working
  • Good forestry practices to landowners, municipalities
  • Well and septic improvements, fencing projects, runoff and erosion control, windbreaks, manure storage
  • Ausable Bayfield Conservation Foundation and programs like Commemorative Woods
  • Ethical practices for fishing and for hunting on permitted lands
  • Alternatives to harmful chemicals


  • Best management practices to preserve soil, improve water and air quality, preserve water quantity, increase habitat, protect species-at-risk, and mitigate and adapt to changes in our local climate
  • Proper disposal of hazardous wastes such as batteries, paints, and chemicals
  • Reduced use of harmful chemicals
  • Positive individual actions through stewardship guides for farm, shoreline, and rural non-farm residents
  • Protection of Lake Huron-Georgian Bay Watershed and support for the Great Lakes Charter
  • Responsible actions on conservation lands, such as using off-road vehicles only in permitted areas