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Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

Conservation Areas

Visit a conservation area - visit
Visit a conservation area - visit

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority conservation land properties are considered islands of nature for visitors to appreciate and explore. Links below are for more information on our most popular conservation areas with facilities.

Contact Ausable Bayfield Conservation for more information on our conservation lands.

Our management areas are forested tracts that were purchased for preservation and protection of source areas, flood plain areas, and environmentally significant areas and as such are not as publicly accessible.

Use of conservation areas or conservation lands is permitted in daytime hours only.

Please be aware of uses that are permitted and uses that are prohibited in conservation areas and conservation lands. Visit the permitted uses page now at this link: Permitted Uses

Visit the conservation authority mapping portal at for maps of conservation lands in the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) watershed area at this link:

Please click on the page links provided on menus for our different conservation areas. Thank you.




Ausable River Cut Conservation Area

Enjoy stroll on nature trail through forested area in Carolinian Zone. This is the former Thedford Conservation Area. One of last public rest stops for travellers of Bluewater Highway.

Bannockburn Conservation Area

Enhance your experience with new signs, professionally-narrated audio tour, GPS, and pedometers. Home to six different natural communities: wet meadow, eastern white cedar, deciduous forest, old field, and mixed scrub and marsh.

Clinton Conservation Area

Located on south side of Clinton. Two-kilometre loop trail offers pleasant walk along Bayfield River. Picnic pavilion provides shelter and popular place for families. Washroom and playground facilities area also available.

Crediton Conservation Area

Crediton Conservation Area has a fenced area where dogs are permitted to be off-leash. The small day-use park is managed by the Municipality of South Huron. The picnic area and arboretum are appropriate uses of the flood plain.

Lucan Conservation Area

Lucan Conservation Area is an eight-acre property adjacent to the Little Ausable River in the McGillivray Ward of North Middlesex. Half of the property is flood plain and the remainder is a rolling upland hardwood forest.

Morrison Dam Conservation Area

Morrison Dam Conservation Area east of Exeter links to the South Huron Trail. After construction of the dam in 1959, this area east of Exeter was transformed into a lake ecosystem with many recreational opportunities.

Parkhill Conservation Area

Within the conservation area is a campground facility known as 'Great Canadian Hideaway.' The 800-hectare conservation area reflects work that has controlled serious flooding and soil erosion problems downstream. Recreational opportunities include canoein

Rock Glen Conservation Area

Located on the outskirts of Arkona, Rock Glen Conservation Area is a unique island of nature in Ausable Bayfield watersheds. Hike along Ausable Gorge or take in Carolinian forest. Wedding destination.

South Huron Trail

The scenic, multi-use South Huron Trail is an eight-kilometre trail with two sections: Morrison Dam Conservation Area and the MacNaughton-Morrison Trail linking the town of Exeter, in the Municipality of South Huron, to the conservation area.

Zurich Conservation Area

Zurich Conservation Area is managed by the Municipality of Bluewater. A picnic pavilion is one of the most popular features. Protection of water quality and habitat are among its important features.